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Connectivity Fixer PRO
Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Malware, Spyware and Adware aggressively spreading out and causing problems with Internet connections. Web browsers suddenly cannot display some websites anymore; Page cannot be found errors (also known as error 404), limited or no connectivity messages and uncontrolled disconnects from the Internet are just going to happen. This can be very frustrating!

Connectivity Fixer PRO can assist to solve the following problems:
  • Some webpage cannot be displayed
  • Limited or no connectivity
  • Error 404
  • Internet Explorer stopped working
  • Unwanted disconnects
  • Winsock and IP errors
  • IE performance issues (cache)
  • Connection issues after infections

Note that the FREE version of Connectivity Fixer is solving Winsock and IP issues only but the Connection Monitor is fully functional!
Reset Internet Protocol
Renew Internet Connections
Renew Winsock
Flush DNS Resolver cache
Restore Hosts file
Reset Windows Firewall
Repair DNS Problems
Fix Internet Explorer
Clean IE Cache
Connection Monitor
One Click Internet Repair
Error and Repair Report
Advanced Repair Tools
Supports Windows XP, Windows Vista und Windows 7
UI Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Croatian and Portuguese
EULA, Support & Tickets (English)

A powerful Internet connection repair - Internet Explorer repair and Internet connection monitoring utility!

Connectivity Fixer PRO from Badosoft will help you to solve the most common connectivity problems you might experience with your Internet connection. One such problem Connectivity Fixer PRO will assist you to fix, is the well-known Limited or no connectivity error what can be caused by a corrupted Winsock or IP. Connectivity Fixer PRO can be also used beside the connectivity fix (Winsock repair and IP fix) to: Flush DNS Resolver cache, Restore Hosts file, Reset Windows Firewall, Repair DNS Problems, Repair Internet Explorer and Clean IE Cache to let your Web browser perform faster and much more!

The integrated Connection Monitor will automatically detect when a connectivity fix is needed and will repair Internet connection problems whenever you are connected to the Internet. Beside the connectivity fix, it is the perfect solution when it comes to the need to be permanently connected to the Internet. The Connection Monitor feature comes in very handy to fix limited or no connectivity issues but does not repair Internet Explorer. For the more unusual connectivity issues, Connectivity Fixer PRO includes powerful advanced commands (per example: the repair Internet Explorer command)!

Connectivity Fixer PRO Advanced Tools

The Advanced Commands can be used beside the Winsock repair and IP fix to manually repair Internet connections and repair Internet Explorer. The use of these commands goes far beyond the limited or no connectivity fix, Winsock repair and IP fix. The advanced commands (includes the connectivity fix) can assist to solve the following errors: Some webpage cannot be displayed, error 404, Internet Explorer stopped working, Unwanted disconnects, IE performance issues, Connection problems after infections, please repair Internet Explorer message and many more...

The Network Info

Provides information about your network device like: Network name, type, speed, downloaded/uploaded data, packets received/sent and your IP address. You can also use the external Networking tool What is my IP. The What is my IP feature can be accessed external by visiting the Badosoft Website. The What is my IP tool will give you information about your IP, ISP and your location. Using What is my IP is needed in many situations one of them is if you need to establish a manual connection to another PC over the internet. In that case you will need to provide your IP what you can easy find out by checking the What is my IP tool.

The Connectivity Fixer PRO LOG

All saved Internet connection errors, Winsock repair, IP fix, DNS repair, repair Internet Explorer attempts can be found in the LOG. In case you need to troubleshoot your Internet connection, we recommend you to visit the LOG to get an overview of the found errors. Please note that the limited or no connectivity error is not reported as limited or no connectivity error instead you will find the message: Connection failed.

The Connectivity Fixer PRO Settings

Will allow you to choose if Connectivity Fixer PRO will run at Windows start-up or not. Decide if you want to enable automatic monitoring at application start-up, be notified when problems are found and have them fixed automatically. You can also choose your preferred Language! The Connectivity Fixer PRO User Interface supports English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Croatian Languages.
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