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Privacy Optimizer

The Internet is part of our lives and we use it on a daily basis. No matter if you are just surfing, downloading music, videos or software; making online payments via online banking or any other online payment provider; opening accounts, sharing your pictures and videos or engaging in social networks. Regardless if it's data about your computer system, your searching behaviour while using search engines, your financial data while shopping and even your personal data are used by some websites or web services and might not only be stored, they might be sold or used against you as well!

Besides this, internet crime has increased dramatically, spies and hackers are gathering passwords, credit card data and other delicate files or information about users. It is time to protect your privacy and files!

With Privacy Optimizer you can:
  • Optimize your system's privacy settings.
  • Hide your IP more comfortably with the integrated proxy manager.
  • Surf with the free integrated privacy optimized web browser.
  • Store your passwords in a more secure environment.
  • Store your credit card data in a more secure environment.
  • Stop keyloggers and hackers spying on you while entering passwords and credit card data.
  • Securely delete delicate files so that they cannot be restored.
  • Protect your files & folders from spies and hackers.
  • Block or allow processes that might spy on or harm your computer.
  • Instantly delete surfing tracks.
  • Share your experience about spying or harmful websites, web browsers, and software.
  • Block websites with known privacy issues or bad behaviour.
Supports Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
KPI Detector, EXE Protector
Tracks Cleaner, Rating Features
Folder Protector, File Shredder, Windows Privacy
Password Manager, Credit Card Manager, Proxy Manager
Integrated privacy optimized web browser
Support (Full version only)

Optimize privacy settings with the full privacy tool suite

This powerful tool suite will allow you to change your System default privacy settings, and allows you to easily and quickly hide your IP via the integrated proxy manager. Privacy Optimizer also includes a free privacy optimized web browser that more readily fulfils the need to be anonymous in both situations.

With Privacy Optimizer, you can successfully protect your passwords and credit card data from keyloggers, spies, and hackers. Furthermore, there is a secure file deleter and folder protector included in the tool suite. Further, Privacy Optimizer allows you to share your experience about bad behaving or spying websites with known privacy issues, web browsers, and software applications.

You have a right to privacy, use it!

Privacy settings, anonymity, and protection features

The Privacy Optimizer tools suite includes more than 10 tools to assist you with optimizing your privacy settings, and protecting your files, folders, passwords, and credit card data. You can also hide your identity more easily and quickly and share your experience with other users, while surfing with a privacy-optimized web browser.

Windows privacy settings

Not that Microsoft might collect data with bad intentions to generate and store user data, it is more a feature to increase stability, fix bugs, and improve Windows. However, many of those services and processes can be a privacy risk if you are under attack or someone is spying on you.

Many of the Windows services and processes that are used by Microsoft to increase usability and guarantee improvements in the development process of updates, patches, and new Windows versions are not necessary to be active on a daily basis. The Windows privacy settings manager will allow you to disable services and processes communicating with web or data servers.

Setup guide

This setup guide will guide you step-by-step to enable the best features, and it ensures the most appropriate settings to help you protect your privacy!

Hide IP

Whenever you are connected to the Internet an IP is assigned to your computer and will identify you. Having an IP assigned is generally nothing bad but it can be uncomfortable if you visit a delicate website, upload or download private data, or if you become a target of a hack attack. Hackers usually need to find out your IP to attack your computer. If you hide your IP it will be much harder to be target of a hack attack.

You should also keep in mind that if you work, for example, as a private detective, police officer, or in any other governmental or private institution where you need to research or track illegal activities, your IP and host can identify you and warn the person in question!

You can hide your IP via proxy servers, and publicly available proxy servers are generally very unstable or overloaded. It can be a real pain to find a good performing proxy! With the proxy manager included in Privacy Optimizer you will be able to easily and quickly create a list of proxies, check them for connectivity, and switch form one proxy to another in seconds.

Executable Protector

The executable protection feature will warn you from running poorly-rated software applications or tools with possible privacy issues. The real-time protection is checking our databases for poorly-rated software applications with possible privacy issues. Data used from the Badosoft Anti-trust database and from users ratings will allow you, if necessary, to block any Software in question.

Known privacy issues detection

The integrated KPI Detector will notify you if Websites with possible known privacy issues or bad behaviour are detected. Data used from the Badosoft Anti-trust database and from users ratings will allow you, if necessary, to block any Website in question.

Anti-trust database & user ratings

Privacy Optimizer offers 3 rating tools: website, web browser, and software rating. If you enable those rating features, Privacy Optimizer will allow you to rate websites, web browsers and software applications. Contributing to ratings will not only increase the chance of detecting bad websites, web browsers or software for your use, it will help all users of Privacy Optimizer as well.

Instant tracks cleaner

When the tracks cleaner is enabled, it will delete instantly known traces you left behind while working on your computer or surfing the Internet.

Anonymous browser

The included free privacy optimized web browser in Privacy Optimizer will give you a much more secure and privacy optimized surfing environment than more common popular web browsers. Of course more privacy and safer surfing has it costs. The privacy optimized web browser might not be a browser you will use for everyday surfing, as most of the comfortable features you are used to are non-existent.

Further, more and more websites and web services do require services and features we would rate as a security risk or privacy risk, and therefore cannot be displayed in the privacy optimized web browser in order to assure that you are not tracked, or unwanted information about you or your system are retrieved. However, if you need to do delicate online jobs, the privacy optimized web browser will come in handy!

File Shredder

If you delete files, documents, audio, or music via the recycle bin or delete it via keyboard commands, you must understand that those files and folders can be easily recovered; deleting those files and folders can be unmade! If you really need to securely delete a file so that it cannot be restored again, you will need the file shredder included in Privacy Optimizer.

Folder Protector

The Folder Protector will securely protect your folders and containing files from spying eyes and unwanted usage. Protected folders are more secure if you become the target of a spy and hack attack. Encrypting a folder also make sense if you are not the only person using a computer and you want to hide your personal folders and files from other users.

Password Manager

Research and statistics show that every 2nd computer is potentially infected with a keylogger or with other password or pin spying techniques. Every 5th email account receives phishing emails and so on... In times when a common internet user has statistically more than 5 different accounts where he needs to remember the login names and passwords, a secure password manager comes in handy.

It is not only important that login names and passwords are securely stored, it is also important that in the moment you fill out a sign-in form a keylogger cannot retrieve your login name, password, or pin via your keyboard input.

Credit Card Manager

Online banking or online shopping becomes more and more popular as the offers around the internet are most of the time cheaper than in local stores, or you can save time by making your financial transactions via online banking. However, we are very confident that giving credit card details to a website or web service isn't an action where you feel fully comfortable.

There is always a little bell ringing or a little worry left, even if the site where you provide your credit card details is trusted. Therefore Privacy Optimizer offers a credit card manager that will securely store your credit card details and make them available without typing them via your keyboard into a web form that will make it harder for keyloggers and hackers to steal your credit card details!
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