Who we are and what we do

Software and Hardware professionals from Austria and Croatia were occasionally working together on different projects and decided to invest their knowledge and experience in a Software development company called Badosoft ltd.

The vision of Badosoft was to provide a solution for PC users who experience latency issues while playing games and using resource intensive applications. Furthermore we developed a Internet connectivity repair tool, a Privacy Protection Tool Suite and offer a free Speed & Ping Test.

History of Latency Optimizer
The nr. 1 Software solution to analyze and fix lag and latency issues!

In the early stage, Badosoft was working together with ISPs around the globe. Soon Badosoft recognized that latency issues are not only caused by ISP based issues or 3rd party software or hardware. The Badosoft Research Team decided to turn their investigation to the user side.

Very quickly the Badosofts Research Team discovered that a certain percentage of latency issues are caused by user PCs. The lack of periodical operating system services, improperly configured Internet settings, registry and network device settings consistently caused latency issues.

Statistics showed the Badosoft Research Team that even a fast broadband connection can cause issues, when the user PC has performance problems and his local internet connection (protocols and settings) are not configured in a correct individual way.

2010- One year after developing an application that can help to analyze and solve these issues, Latency Optimizer was born!

Connectivity Fixer
During the time of developing Latency Optimizer, the Badosoft Research Team found out that Viruses, Trojans, Spyware and Malware are causing almost daily internet connection problems. Anti-virus scanners etc can, in most of the cases, track down and clean the infection, but registry settings, protocol changes and modified system processes (changed by the malware) can still cause internet connection issues. Badosoft wanted to find a solution for these problems and a few months later Connectivity Fixer was released.

Badosoft quickly signed a contract with Digital River, world's leading software distributor and is for now the most known software house that is providing a working solution for latency issues caused by user PCs and provides a fix for manipulated internet connection issues after a Virus, Trojan, Malware or Spyware infection.

2013- Internet Privacy / Privacy Optimizer
The software allows you to protect files and folders, delete files and offers options for storing passwords and credit card details, while preventing visits of websites or the installation of software with known privacy issues.

Privacy Optimizer also comprises a Tools Suite, providing 10 features to help you protect your personal information and use the internet in a safe manner. These tools enable each individual user to choose optimal privacy settings, they protect information such as credit card numbers and you can even become anonymous on the internet by hiding your IP addresses and using the integrated anonymous web browser.