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If you run into issues of any kind, our helpdesk can assist you. Technical support for Badosoft products is available from this website or by e-mail for free! You can also request remote assistance for an extra fee of $15 for 15 mins.

Please note that although products for which there have been newer versions for more than 2 years are no longer supported by our helpdesk! Articles in the knowledgebase about these products are still available.

If you want to learn more about our products, you may also benefit from reading the online documentation. Before contacting our Support Team, please check the Knowledgebase of your Software product for solutions to common problems!

The preferred method to contact our Support Team is by submitting a ticket, which can be found below. We try to answer support questions within 48h- 72h. More complex questions may require more time!
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Privacy Optimizer
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