Repair internet connection failure! Connectivity Fixer

You told Connectivity Fixer to repair your internet connection, but nothing happens.

Solution a.) If you can't see a message Mode internet connection successfully repaired after a brief amount of time you clicked "fix now", try to close Connectivity Fixer (in some cases a restart of your Operating System is required) and start the application again.

Solution b.) If you tried Solution a and b, and still "Fix now" is not successfull, try to reinstall Connectivity Fixer.

Solution c.) Make sure that your Virus scanner or Firewall dont block Connectivity Fixer!

Solution d.) Connectivity fixer can't solve the problem of your internet connection as Connectivity Fixer is not designed for solving connectivity issues caused by improper functioning hardware or 3rd Party Software, bad /weak lines or signals. Connectivity Fixer won't repair your internet connection by ISP based issues, limitations or by incorrectly configured Online Services like Games, Websites or Applications. There is no guarantee that Connectivity Fixer will repair your internet connection!
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