You apply Slight, Medium or Hard Mode on Home Screen, nothing happens.

Solution a.) If your Internet connection is not active or blocked by your firewall (or Latency Optimizer is blocked) you can't apply the 3 modes. Please assure that your Internet connection is active and your firewall or virus scanner is not blocking Latency Optimizer or related processes.

Solution b.)Please run the Speedtest at least one time and save the result. Run the Latency Test after and apply the optimization button. If these 2 tests don’t show any error, restart Latency Optimizer and your PC. Run Latency Optimizer again and try to apply one of the 3 Modes.

Solution c.) Your PC might be infected or has a corrupted IP and Winsock, please download Connectivity Fixer from the Badosoft website (Freeware) and apply the fix.

Solution d.)If you can't see a message Mode successfully applied appearing after you apply one of the three (3) modes, try to close Latency Optimizer (in some cases a restart of your Operating System is required) and start the application again.

Solution e.) If you tried Solution a, and still one of the three (3) modes seems to have not been applied to your computer, try to reinstall Latency Optimizer.

Solution f.) If you already tried Solution a, b as well as Solution c d and e, and you still experience a problem with applying one of the 3 modes, please get in contact with our support team: or open a Ticket.
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