Connectivity Fixer User Interface

  1. User Interface

This window opens when you start Connectivity Fixer:

Connectivity Fixer UI


There are seven (7) main menu icons the main window of Connectivity Fixer.

1. Home - Here you can find the two (2) main functions (“Fix now” and “Monitoring”) of �Connectivity Fixer.

2. Settings - Here you can choose if you want Connectivity Fixer to run at Windows startup, enable automatic monitoring of your Internet connection, decide about the notification behavior and enable the function to fix problems automatically.

3. Help - Information how to access the online help, documentation and support.

4. About - In the About section you can find application related information, like Software and Hardware version of Connectivity Fixer.

5. Minimize/Close - Allows you to minimize Connectivity fixer to the system tray or close the application.

6. Fix Now -The Connectivity Fixer repair tool.

7. Monitoring - The Connectivity Fixer monitoring tool


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