Portable version or installation on PC without active Internet connection! Connectivity Fixer

If you bought Connectivity Fixer PRO and want to install it on a PC or Laptop without an active Internet connection (not working Internet connection), please temporary unplug your wire or disable your wireless adapter. Install Connectivity Fixer PRO and you will be prompt to make an E-mail activation. You can chose between sending us the .lic file or the activation code. We will activate/return you an activated .lic file to use Connectivity Fixer PRO on a PC or Laptop without an active Internet connection!

This comes in handy if you want to use Connectivity Fixer PRO to repair a not functional Internet connection!

How to replace the .lic file?

Please navigate to the installation folder of Connectivity Fixer PRO (Badosoft) and replace the .lic file with the one we have sent you!

Now start a fresh installation of Connectivity Fixer PRO!

Note: If you have bought only1 license, please remember that you can install Connectivity Fixer PRO ony on 1 PC or Laptop!
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