I get different results from different servers! What does that mean?

Solution a.) The measured Internet connection speed deepens like by every other available speed test on the server you download and upload test files. If a Server is slow or has temporary high load it will affect your results. Furthermore also the distance to the testing server will affect the result. You should always use the nearest server for appropriate results. We recommend you to try different servers and the server with the fastest results for you is most likely showing the appropriate data.

Solution c.) In some cases you will need to run Speedtest4free to monitor your Internet connection speed and ping because you might have issues with online games, online applications or internet telephony. If this is the case, you should choose a server nearest to the game server, application server or Internet telephony server. An example: You are playing an online game via an US server but you are located in Germany. In this case you would not choose the nearest test server to your location you would rather choose one of the US test server located near the game server if available. If you do so, you can troubleshoot your Internet connection speed and ping to the game server more appropriate!
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