Speedtest4free Home Screen

Speedtest4free Home Screen

Thank you for choosing Speedtest4free to measure your upload/ download speed and ping! Speedtest4free offers you to monitor your Internet connection speed and ping. You can schedule the Speed test and Ping test to let Speedtest4free automatically test and save the test results to compare them to a later time. Furthermore Speedtest4free offers you to add custom Test Servers around the globe.
Enjoy using Speedtest4free!

speedtest free home

1. TESTING:: This is the home screen of Speedtest4free. You can find the 2 speedometers, choose test servers and monitor your upload & download speed and ping. On the home screen you can further more find the 5 main MENU points, save your speed test results and compare them.

2. strong>ACCOUNT / HISTORY:: Under this menu point you can open a FREE Badosoft account to save and compare your speed test results. Once you signed up you will find your History of all made saved speed tests and can compare them. This will enable you to monitor your Internet connection speed and Ping over a longer period of time to help you to troubleshoot issues.

3. strong>SETTING:: Under the menu point settings you can choose if you want Speedtest4free start with Windows, adapt your loading settings, automate actions, set a proxy and enter the SHEDULE section.

4. strong>HELP:: You can find answers on the most common questions related to Speedtest4free. You will also find a link to the online documentation and the Speedtest4free forum.

5. strong>ABOUT:: In this section you will find the Software version and build of Speedtest4free plus links to other Badosoft products like Latency Optimizer 3.0 and Connectivity Fixer.

6. strong>DOWNLOAD SPEEDOMETER:: The download speedometer shows you in real time the download speed and ping of your Internet connection. Mouse over the graph and get extra info.

7. strong>UPLOAD SPEEDOMETER:: The upload speedometer shows you in real time the upload speed and ping of your Internet connection. Mouse over the graph and get extra info.

8. strong>SERVER:: From here you can come to the world map and choose one of the available servers to perform your Speed test. You can also rate servers, what will help you and other users to see how available and reliable a test server is. Furthermore you can add a own custom server.

9. Sstrong>ERVER STATUS:: The server status will show you if a server is available or temporary not available!

10. strong>PING SUCCESS / PING FAILURE:: Here you can find detailed information about the success and failure of your Ping.

11. strong>UPLOAD/DOWNLOAD SPEED:: Here you find the upload and download speed of your speed test.

12. strong>FINAL RESULT:: Speedtest4free is giving a final result on the performed test. The result deepens on many factors. Yet the results strongly depend on your Internet connection packet you have signed up with your ISP.

13. strong>RUN TEST NOW:: Click - run test now - to perform the speed test and ping test.

14. strong> SAVE RESULT:: Click to save the result of the performed test in your FREE Badosoft account.

15. strong>COMPARE RESULTS: You can compare all saved speed test results to a later time to get a clearer and more reliable picture about your actual Internet connection speed and Ping.

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