Speedtest4free Schedule

Speedtest4free Schedule

The Schedule will allow you to set triggers what will automatically perform the Internet connection speed test and ping test to predefined times and days. This is very useful while troubleshooting your Internet connection speed and ping as we highly recommend testing your Internet connection more often a day du a longer period of time to get appropriate data used for exact analyzes.

free speedtest schedule

1. Name your schedule to better recognize it and manage all made schedules.

2. The TRIGGER is used to let Speedtest4free automatically perform speed tests and ping tests. You can set schedules daily, weekly or monthly at specific times. If you want per example to test your Internet connection speed and ping every day at 7:00 , 12:00 and 17:00 you would need to create 3 schedules: 1 schedule for the automate test at 7:000, 1 schedule at 12:00 and one at 17:00.

3. You can choose between 3 actions the Speedtest4free Schedule should before after every trigger is fired. 1. Run the speed test and ping test and automatically save the results. 2. Run the test and let the result pop up on your desktop. 3. Run the speed test and ping test, save it and let it pop up on your Desktop.

4. You can always cancel the schedule setup or add the new created schedule.

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