The Speed Test didn't show any download or upload speed.

Solution a.) It is possible that your chosen Test Server is temporary unavailable. Please choose another Test Sever or try it again in a few minutes.

Solution b.) In most of the cases your Firewall won't allow Latency Optimizer to establish a connection to the Internet, without first given it prior permission. Check the documentation of your Firewall, on how to add a program to the exception list.

Solution c.) Make sure that your Internet connection is active!

Solution d.) If you use a Proxy server to connect to the Internet, navigate to the menu SETTINGS and add the Proxy Server Address and port. Try to run the Speed Test again.

Solution e.) Please assure the ICMP is enabled by your Operating System. Visit the Microsoft knowledgebase to see how to enable it.

Solution f.) Some ISP's disable ICMP services like ping. Please contact your ISP or read the manual of your modem how to enable ICMP services. Some older modems (Speedtouch)have ICMP disabled by default!
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