Speedtest4free Compare Speedtest Results

Speedtest4free offers you to compare your saved Speedtest results with other users from around the World. Primary all your saved results will be compared with existing data about the upload /download speed and ping.

Speedtest compare results

1. After you successfully saved your Speedtest and Ping Test result you can click the compare button to open the compare window where your current results will be shown.

2. Your current saved and compared with your best Speedtest and Ping Test result.

3. Your current Speedtest and compared with the global best results.

4. You current Speedtest result compared with users on the same ISP.

5. Your current Speedtest result compared with the best result on the chosen server.

6. The full comparison graph gives you a visual overview on your compared results.

7. The graph legend

8. You can refresh your compared results to let Speedtest4free calculate all data based on the newest results in the database. For more info on the compare function you can visit the help section!

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