Badosoft Website(s) needs Javascript enabled!

For the best usage, our site uses JavaScript. Your Web browser should have JavaScript enabled for our site to work properly and as specially for making a purchase. Users of Internet Explorer with the highest security settings have disabled JavaScript and cause our Website not to function properly.

How to enable JavaScript?

Internet Explorer

To enable JavaScript, customize your browser's security settings for :
- Select "Internet Options" from the "Tools" Menu
- Click the "Security" Tab
- Select the "Trusted Sites" zone
- Click the "Sites" button
- Under "Add this website to the selected zone:" type " " and click "Add"
- Click "Close"
- Set the Security Level Slider to "Medium" or lower for your Trusted Sites
- Refresh the page


- Select "Options" from the "Tools" menu
- Click the "Content" Tab
- Select the "Enable JavaScript" checkbox (make sure the box is checked)
- Click "OK"
- Refresh the page


- Select "Preferences" from the "Safari" menu on Mac or the "Edit" menu on Windows
- Click the "Security" Tab.
- Select the "Enable JavaScript" checkbox
- Click "OK"
- Refresh the page


- Select "Options" from the "Chrome" menu
- Click the "Under the Hood" Tab.
- Click "Content Settings" in the Privacy section
- Click "Allow all sites to run JavaScript in the JavaScript section
- Refresh the page
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