Error message by activation of our Software products (activation, registration, serial insertation)!

If you receive an error message after pasting the serial number in the installer form, then the activation processed is blocked from your end (Computer, Operating System, router, modem or Internet connection):

a.) We do use an activation server to activate the Software online, we suggest temporary disabling your Firewall and/or antivirus scanner or similar security applications during the activation process, as this applications can block the activation process by some users. Please read the manual of your Firewall, antivirus-scanner or other security application how to make an exception or 100% temporary disable the application so that no processes or hidden processes are in use!

b.) It is also necessary for the activation process to identify your Computer in order to assign the serial number to it. Assure that your Computer can be identified! Corrupted / disabled WMI or DCOM services can cause the activation to fail. Please contact your System Administrator to assist you!

c.) In very few cases Internet Service Providers do disable the ICMP service in the router or modem. This is against the standard and can lead that your Computer cannot be activated by our activation server. Please read the manual of your router and/or modem or contact your Internet service provider to assist you to enable the ICMP service!

d.)If you or some 3rd party Software application has disabled the ICMP service process of Windows (not the ICMP service of your router or modem), please enable it or ask your System Administrator to assist you!
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