Before you start to use Privacy Optimizer

Welcome to Privacy Optimizer!

Privacy Optimizer is a Software Tool Suite designed to assist you to keep your identity, privacy, files and data safe from spying (data collecting) websites, software, processes, services, keyloggers, and hackers!

Before you start to use Privacy Optimizer, there are a few things you will need to know:

1. Privacy Optimizer uses the newest technologies to protect your files and folders and therefore you will only be able to use it on your computer and currently installed Operating System! Any changes can cause Privacy Optimizer to stop working. If you plan to change Hardware or your current Operating System Status, please unprotect all files & folders and backup your passwords and credit card details before doing so!

2. If you decide to uninstall or re-install Privacy Optimizer you will always need to unprotect your files & folders, backup your passwords and credit card details!

3. We strongly recommend you to have an anti-virus scanner and Firewall installed on your computer to ensure maximum protection!

4. In order to give you a maximum on protection, Privacy Optimizer does not support the sharing of protected folders on other computers or external devices!

5. Become part of the Badosoft Anti-Trust Database!
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