Before you actually start to use some of the tools (Folder Protector, File Shredder, Windows Privacy Manager, Password Manager or Credit Card Manager) included in Privacy Optimizer, we suggest you navigate to the General Settings menu and set all options and functions according to your needs!

If your computer is available to other persons as well then you might want to set a MASTER PASSWORD to ensure that only you can access Privacy Optimizer!


Privacy Optimizer - Settings

1. GENERAL SETTINGS Settings allow you to customize different options and functions of Privacy Optimizer.


2. PROXY MANAGER Settings let you add, import, test and manage proxies.

3. ACCESS PROTECTION Settings allow you to protect the access to Privacy Optimizer with a MASTER PASWORD.


4. FOLDER PROTECTOR Settings allow you to set a password and predefine the security level of any protection process.


5. SETUP GUIDE will guide you through the Privacy Optimizer FEATURES.


6. APPEARANCE ANIMATION Settings will allow you to enable/disable sounds and give you options to change the performance speed of all animations.


7. VOICE ENVIRONMENT Settings allow you to enable /disable the voice output and give you the option to hear only common actions like warnings and notifications, or all available voice actions.


8. UPDATES AND UPGRADES Settings will give you the option to control if new updates or upgrades will be downloaded and installed automatically, or Privacy Optimizer will need to notify you first. You can also disable all updates and upgrades!


9. START UP Settings allow you to enable or disable the windows startup function of Privacy Optimizer.

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