If your computer is available to other persons as well or you are in a public place with your laptop, then you might want to set a MASTER PASSWORD to ensure that only you can access Privacy Optimizer or that only some features are available to other users of your computer!

Access Protection

1. Check mark the PRIVACY OPTIMIZER PROTECTION and enter a MASTER PASSWORD. Click the APPLY button and you are done!


2. You can choose between 2 options: 1. Protect only sensible data access, or 2. Protect all access to Privacy Optimizer. If you protect all access to Privacy Optimizer you will need to enter your MASTER PASSWORD every time you take an action via Privacy Optimizer.


3. WARNING: If you forget the master-password you will be unable to access Privacy Optimizer and any of its features! You won't be able to access any stored data like passwords and credit card numbers, nor will you be able to unlock folders. Please note that because of security reasons a re-installation or upgrade of your Operating System will make Privacy Optimizer and all its stored, encrypted and saved data non-accessible! Please also consider that changing your Hard disk or partition will have the same effect!

Please keep your master-password safe and do not forget it!

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