The EXECUTABLE PROTECTOR monitors all of your background processes and notifies you if suspicious operations are found.

Legitimate and non-legitimate software applications or tools installed on your computer often run in the background without ever notifying you, and they can connect to the internet to perform functions that might violate your privacy.

Executable Protector

1. The EXECUTBALE PROTECTOR LIST contains all detected, poorly rated software that might have privacy issues or are known for a bad behavior.


2. You can mark a list entry to get extra information about the software or process.


3. You can block or unblock the software or process in question! If you block a software or process by accident you can always unblock it!


4. You can refresh the list to be up-to-date. You can also remove a selected and marked entry or clear the entire list! Note that removing an entry is the same as unblocking a software or process. Removed software will most likely never pop up as a warning again.

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