The PASSWORD MANAGER assists you by protecting your account details like passwords and user names from keyloggers, hackers, and prying eyes.


Password Manager

1. You can ADD, EDIT, REMOVE, or SEARCH your passwords /account details.


2. To ADD a new password or account details to the PASSWORD MANAGER, click the ADD button. In the ADD window fill in all necessary data and click save!


3. Once you successfully added a new password or account details, you can navigate to the PASSWORD MANAGER LIST (4) mark an entry and click DISPLAY PASSWORD or CHANGE SETTINGS.


The quick access menu offers you a list of your passwords to display via a pop-up window. This comes in handy while working or surfing.


4. The PASSWORD MANAGER LIST contains all your added passwords and account details.


5. Displays extra information about your marked password or account details.


Note: Please note that some web forms do not support copy/paste or Privacy optimizers encryption techniques!

Warning!!! If you decide to uninstall Privacy Optimizer, do not forget to first backup your passwords and account details!

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