Files deleted on your computer via the recycle bin or other common delete functions can be easily recovered (restored).

With the FILE SHREDDER included in Privacy Optimizer, you can securely delete files on your computer.


1. You can add A. A single file to shred, or B. A directory containing files to be shred.


2. After you chose a file to shred you will need to set the intense level of the deletion.

The following shred options are available:

STRONG deletion will take longer time but is much more secure.

SAFE is the recommended shred level that offers a fast and safe deletion of your files.

QUICK shredding is very fast but offers a less secure deletion of your file.


3. Once you added a file or directory and set the shred option you can click SHRED to delete the file.


4. Show the status list of files to shred and/ or already shredded files.


5. The progress-bar will show you the shredding progress of a file.

Warning!!! Please double-check before deleting a file with the file shredder as those files cannot be recovered (restored).

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