FOLDER PROTECTOR protects folders and files on your computer from unwanted access, especially if you become target of a spy or hack attack, you won’t regret that you protected your sensible and private folders with the FOLDER PROTECTOR.


Folder Protector

1. You can add a directory (folder) via the FOLDER PROTECTOR within Privacy Optimizer, add a directory or folder via the CONTEXT MENU or via the QUICK ACCESS.

2. The FOLDER PROTECTOR LIST contains all folders you choose to protect or unprotect. Check mark an entry and / or mark an entry will target it.

3. The PROTECTION OPTIONS offer to create a shortcut of the protected folder on your desktop for easy and fast access and allow you to set the protection mode to HARD (most secure).

4. Once you added a new directory (folder) you can mark the entry in the PROTECTOR LIST and click the PROTECT button. If you desire to apply a password for the folder you can click the CHANGE PASSWORD button!

5. You can always add more directories (folders) and mark all entries you desire to protect and click the PROTECT ALL button. You can define a password for all those folders by clicking the CHANGE PASWORD button.

Note: In the GENERAL SETTINGS you can predefine settings used by the FOLDER PROTECTOR.

Warning!!! Folder Protector uses the newest technology and offers a highly sensible protection mode!

It will only work on your current Hardware setup, Operating System status and with all Privacy Optimizer files intact.

Any manipulation can cause data loss! If you plan changes, please unprotect any protected folder and make a backup!


It is recommended to first-time users to make a protection test with a "test folder"!

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