In order to get the best out of the ANONYMOUS BROWSER you can change various settings!

Please note that if you want to hide your IP successfully you will need to add an antonymous proxy to the ANONYMOUS BROWSER.

Anonymous web browser settings

1. You can overwrite your system language settings in order to visit websites out of your regional settings, especially in the time of auto-detected system languages. It comes in very handy if you are able to visit websites or web services without getting redirected to another language server or website.


2. The ANONYMOUS BROWSER comes default with all disabled extra settings to keep your privacy as the most secure as a web browser can offer. However, if the extra settings are disabled some downloads, videos, music, or just opening some websites won’t work! You can adjust the extra settings according to your needs but be aware that security has its price!


Plug-ins are usually used to install or allow 3rd party applications to function in the ANONYMOUS BROWSER.

Example: If you want to watch videos you will need the flash player plug-in, for without enabling the plug-ins you will be not able to watch videos.

3. Javascript

Commonly used to perform various actions on a website; however, most of the websites you visit use java-script to track user behavior (downloads, where you navigate, from where you came, your IP so on) as well.

4. Cookies & Cache

Used to save data on your computer to identify various actions like, did you visit this website before, are you logged in, what ads to server, etc...

5. In order to be anonymous while surfing with the ANONYMOUS BROWSER, you will need to apply (enable) an anonymous proxy!

6. Shows you a list with all added proxies. If you want to perform an action on a proxy you will need to mark the specific entry.

7. You can add, remove, clear, favorite, import, test and use proxies! (See Privacy Optimizer PROXY MANAGER for more details)

8. You can always cancel any changes made in the ANONYMOUS BROWSER SETTINGS. If you save any settings made, the ANONYMOUS BROWSER will need to restart.

Note: Please note that the ANONYMOUS BROWSER is a BETA version! We invite you to submit BUG REPORTS if you track down a BUG! (Visit our support to see how to create a proper BUG REPORT)

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