Known Privacy Issues (KPI) Detector

The web shield protects you from websites with possible known bad behavior or privacy issues.

Visiting legit or non-legit websites can be more dangerous than you might think!

Hackers can use web browser security holes to break into your computer while you are visiting a website, and every webmaster can code a website, set cookies or run scripts to read private information stored on your computer.

Also many popular or legit websites collect user data that might be legal as you usually accept their privacy policy. However, you the user cannot verify what kind of data actually will be collected! Privacy policies usually are written in terms that are difficult to understand for a common user.

However, you should always read the Privacy Policy of a website you visit the first time. We would even go further and suggest you to take a look on websites you are already visiting daily!

Known privacy issues

1. The KPI DETECTOR LIST contains all detected, poorly rated websites that might have privacy issues or are known for a bad behavior.

2. You can mark a list entry to get extra information about the website.

3. You have the option to always get notified if you visit the website in question. If you un-check the check mark you will not be notified again!

If you block a website and you want to reverse your decision you will need to mark the website and remove the entry from the list!


4. You can refresh the list to be up-to-date. You can also remove a selected and marked entry to clear the entire list!

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