Folder protection and unprotection (unlock)

The Folder Protector is Privacy Optimizer is not a toy protector. IF you once protected a folder only YOU on your Computer with the current System sate can unprotect the folder. This is a security feature to avoid having encrypted data stolen from your Computer. Imagine a hacker steals your encrypted Folder and will have now 6 month time to crack it in peace on his Computer. With the Folder Proctor in Privacy optimizer this is NOT possible. Please do also not ignore the INFO Messages you receive when you run the Folder Protector the first time and read the FAQ and online documentation! AND always back-up your data on Hardware like CD/DVD or USB and store it on a secure place. As said the Folder Protector is not a toy :-)

Also do not ignore the warning message if you decide to uninstall Privacy Optimizer! You MUST unprotect your folders before and back-up your passwords and credit-card data!
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