Folder Protector - unlock folder - unprotect

Folder cannot be unprotected (unlocked):

Solution 1: Are you sure that you did enter the correct password? Maybe you are writing your password with caps lock turned on? Please check for caps lock, the password is case sensitive!

Solution 2: You can try to change the password in the folder protector options (settings) to the one you used to lock the folder, and then try to unlock your folder.

Solution 3: You did not unprotected your folders before de-installing (uninstalling). The warning message was ignored. Try to re-install Privacy Optimizer.

Solution 4: You did not protect a TEST Folder and ignored the warning! Try to re-install Privacy Optimizer.

Solution 5: A CORE FILE error occurred. Please re-install Privacy Optimizer.

Solution 6: You forgot the protection password! We cannot help you in that case! Please always back-up your passwords!

Solution 7: Your Trial expired and you did not unprotect your folders in time! We are sorry but we cannot help you!

Solution 8: You cannot re-install the giveaway version of Privacy Optimizer. We are sorry the TERMS & CONDITIONS of GAOTD does not allow a re-installation! You can try to contact our support....

Solution 9: If you tried everything and you still cannot unlock your Folder but you are sure that you did follow the best usage please contact

WARNING: Do never manually delete Privacy Optimizer program files or Folders. We cannot help you in such case!
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