Before you submit a BUG report

Before you submit a bug report:

  1. Make sure you are using the latest version of Latency Optimizer 3.0
  2. Check out the Support Forum about reported and already discussed Bugs.
  3. If the bug is already mentioned in the Support Forum, do not file a bug report, as any report filed will be marked as a duplicate.

Creating a bug report

In what Language the report should be written?

Please write in English. We cannot process reports in other languages.

How many bugs per report?

Please do not include multiple bugs in one report. Every bug you may have found, needs a own report.

The priority of the bug?

Choose from the following:

    • Next Update - A bug that should be fixed with the next update.
    • Next Release ' A bug what is not a majority problem to use Latency Optimizer and all its features.
    • Security issue - A bug that impacts the security of data or your computer
    • Crashes ' If Latency Optimizer or your Computer crashes.

Where is the problem?

Choose from the following:

  • Graphic - Issues how Latency Optimizer is rendered, including issues with forms, images, or errors.
  • Tools - issues with latency optimization, advanced settings, speed test, latency test, packet monitor, startup manager, disk cleaner, system cleaner, first aid kit, update or settings.
  • Up and downloads - issues related to file up and downloads.
  • Installation - problems experienced when installing Latency Optimizer
  • Not sure/Other - problems that do not fall under the above mentioned.

Description of the Problem

Summarize the problem in few sentences. Make it as specific as possible while still keeping it short.

Describe in 3 or more steps how to reproduce this bug

Make sure that the bug is reproducible! That means when you perform the same actions as the first time you encountered the problem, you will encounter the same problem again. Include the specific steps needed to reproduce the problem. Give as much detail as possible.

Provide an e-mail address where we can contact you (optional)

Include your e-mail address so that we can contact you to get more information about the bug if necessary.

Submitting a bug report

You have 3 possibilities to submit a bug report to Badosoft:

Thank you for taking the time to help us to improve Latency Optimizer!!

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