User interface of Latency Optimizer 4.0

  1. User Interface

This window opens when you start Latency Optimizer 4.0

latency optimizer UI

Note: Not all functions are available in the free home version!

There are eight (13) menu icons in the main window of Latency Optimizer 4.0

  1. Quick Network Tweaks - Here you can find the three (3) predefined easy to use latency optimization modes.
  2. Advanced Settings - Advanced custom settings are highly configurable to achieve maximum performance via 45 tweaks & tunes.
  3. Testing - Includes ping test, upload/download speed test, latency test and a network info screen for monitoring network activities.
  4. Memory - Free System Memory is a perfect tool to increase your PC's performance by (online) gaming, graphics or video editing and other intensive resource consuming applications.
  5. Performance Tweaks - Gives a short ovwerview on your CPU and RAM usage and offers to apply various settings to speed up systems performace (per example: for faster game play)
  6. Network Tweaks- Gives a short overview on downloaded and uploaded data packages and offers variouse tweaks to speed up network connections. There is also the possibilty to turn on and off system processes that can possible slow donw the up and download speed.
  7. Cleaners - With this tool you can clean your Windows PC to get better performance, more hard disk space, remove cookies and other internet surfing traces. Furthermore a startup entries manager is included.
  8. My Apps/ Games List - Includes more than 50 games and applications. It is also possible to choose custom games or applications via the processes or the installtion folder. Selected games or appliactions in that list will be set to high priority in your operating system.
  9. Update - Here you get the newest updates of all Latency Optimizer versions.
  10. General Settings - Here you can add a proxy Server, choose if you want Latency Optimizer to run at Windows startup, decide if you want to be notified of system restart requests and create /load  backups.
  11. First Aid Kit - Solves common connectivity problems caused by IP and Winsock issues.
  12. INFO - Includes Software data and help.
  13. Control Panel - Can be easily accessed via the quick access bar and includes the Game Accelerator, Network and Process Optimizer. In the Control Panel the Perfromance Recorder can be found as well.
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