User Interface of the Control Panel

Control Panel

This window opens when you start the Control Panel

latency optimizer UI

Note: Not all functions are available in the free home version!


  1. Accelerator - Turns the Accelerator ON or OFF. The Accelerator will set high system priority to games or applications of users choice.
  2. Network Optimizer - Turns the Network Optimizer ON or OFF. The Network Optimizer is used to increase the process speed of sent or received data packages over the Internt or a local Network.
  3. Process Optimizer - Turns the Process Optimizer ON or OFF. The Process Optimizer allows user to selct running processes and turn them OFF when the Acccelerator will be started.
  4. System Info - Gives a short overview abut the amount of running processes, CPU usage and System uptime.
  5. Physical Memory Info - Gives a short overview on the current physical memory used by the system.
  6. Virtual Memory Info- Gives a short overview on the current virtual memory used by the system.
  7. Up/Download Info - Gives a short overview on the current up/download speed and the total sent/received data packages.
  8. Up/Download Graph - Shows the up/download speed of the Interent connection via a graph.
  9. Current Game or Application - Shows the current accelerated game or application.
  10. Start Latency Optimizer Main - Starts the main Latency Optimizer application.
  11. Performance Recorder - Allows the user to record the system performance while playing a game or work with an application. A detailed log file will be created.
  12. Performance Recorder Info - Short info about the Performance Recorder.
  13. Control Panel Settings- Allows  to make changes on the way the Control Panel works and lets the user fine tune the Accelerator, Network or Process Optimizer. A special keep alive function to ensure to get re-connected to the Internet by unwanted disconnections is availiable as well.
  14. About - INFO about Latency Optimizer
  15. Help - Directs the user to the online documentation and FAQ
  16. Close - Closes the Control Panel


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