Startup Entries Manager

Startup Entries Manager

Many applications you install on your computer are predefined in their installation to start-up when your operating system starts. If you allow these applications to do this then you will soon find that your computer will begin to get slower. For example the system start up or shut takes longer, or programs don’t launch fast enough or take too long to shut down. The reason for this is that these programs load up when your operating system starts up, this causes them to share the system memory and resources which leaves a smaller percentage for other programs which you load manually. To avoid you losing performance, we recommend that you take a look from time to time on your system start up manager, to ensure that any unnecessary applications are not being loaded during the start up of your operating system.

latency optimizer startup manager


1. Startup Entries Manager

2. The Start up Manager main window shows you all applications loading when your operating system starts. By klicking a check box you select a start up entry.

3. Deletes a single marked start up entry permanently.

4. Deletes all checked start up entires permanently

5. Show the startup entry.

6. Refreshes the list of the System Startup Manager main window.

7. Opens the help database for startup entries.

8. Show you the total amount of applications running on operating system start up.

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