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Often after or while running several large applications, the computer tends to run slower and lags quite a bit. In that state your computer isn't in the best state to play games, online games, or for opening additional applications which you may need to complete your work. The Free Ram tool can automatically optimize your system, balancing levels between your memory cache and the computer's speed, to make your computer perform faster.

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1. A generally overview of your system status, running processes and system up time

2. Status of your Physically Memory in use, available and total available. By pressing the cleanup button, the Free Ram tool automatically balances your memory cache and computer speed.

3. Status of your Virtual Memory in use, available and total available.

4. The Running Process Manager gives you an overview of all running system processes and lets you mark it for further actions.

5. By clicking the KILL PROCESS button all marked processes will be shut down

6. Clicking the MORE INFO button provides you with more Information about the marked process.

7. To refresh the process list, click theREFRESH button.

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