Process Optimizer

Performance Tweaks

The Performance Tweaks will let you make certain settings to increase your computer performance speed. You are able to automate cleaning processes, disable and enable system processes and service that are not need by game play, optimize your computers power options and apply extra gaming boosts.

Performance Tweaks

1.) Gives a short overview of the CPU and Memory usage

2.) Optimal Tweaks - Turning this feature on will apply "optimal" system tweaks to let the computer perform faster. You can enable or disable this feature at any time.

3.) Still image service - The Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) system service provides image acquisition services for scanners and cameras. Can be disabled if no camera or scanner is used!

4.) Simple Service Dicovery Protocol - This UDP port is opened and used by Universal Plug N' Play (UPnP) devices to receive broadcast messages from other UPnP devices.

5.) Cleaner - Clears all temporary and cached files/memory when an application or game is launched.

6.) Optimize Power Options - When an application or game is running, the accelerator will set your power options to high levels.

7.) Turn off unnecessary system services - This option will disable some unnecessary system services that are running in the background and consuming your computer power.

8.) Extra game boosting - When this option is activated, the accelerator will turn off some high memory consuming windows processes that are not needed during game play. WARNING: Do not turn this option on if you intend to use the accelerator for applications or you have unsaved or open work!

9.) Chose the processes you want the memory optimizer to turn off when the accelerator is used in the application or game mode.

10.) Resets to factory defaults.

11.) Saves the selected processes.

** ! Please note that some of the system changes may cause problems with some systems. Do not enable all at once, rather step by step!


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