Network Optimizer (Tweaks)

Network Tweaks

The Network Teaks will allow you to set maximum Internet connection performance on your online game, VOIP services like Skype, Ventrilo via turning off certain services and processes that are not needed during online game or application usage. There are specific services and processes that can slow your Internet connection speed unnecessary down.

Network Optimizer

1.) Gives a short overview of the current up/download speed of your Internet connection.

2.) Variouse Service Tweaks - This tweak will optimize most common network related services of your operating system to its best performance values. Option contains multiple tweaks such as manipulating services: epmap, ntp, ssdp, microsoft-ds, netbios-ssn and others.

3.) WinHttpProxySvc - Detects web proxies on local and wireless networks. This service should only run when requested by a program, and it should normally be allowed to run to ensure connectivity to the Internet.

4.) Function Discovery Resource Publication - Publishes computer details and resources attached to the computer to be discovered in a network. If this service is stopped, network resources will no longer be published and wont be discovered by other computers in the network.

5.) Function Discovery Provider List - Hosts the Function Discovery (FD) network discovery providers. These FD providers supply network discovery services for the Simple Services Discovery Protocol (SSDP) and Web Services – Discovery (WS-D) protocol.

6.) Service Explorer - Lists system services and allows user to select certain services.

7.) Enable - Enables the selected service(s).

8.) Disable - Disbales the selected service(s).

9.) Reset -  Resets all made changes.

10.) Help -  Directs the user to the online help.


** ! Please note that some of the system changes may cause problems with some systems. Do not enable all at once, rather step by step!


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