You marked all check boxes in advanced settings and applied it, and your computer froze.

Solution a.) Restart your Computer and start Latency Optimizer again.

Solution b.) If you still experience the same thing after trying Solution a, navigate to the program folder of Latency Optimizer. Look for the Backup folder and copy your backups in to another folder out of the Latency Optimizer folder. Now Uninstall Latency Optimizer and restart your Operating System. Install Latency Optimizer again and copy your previous saved Backup files into the new generated Backup folder. Now start Latency Optimizer, navigate to the menu Settings and load one of the Backups you made previously.

Solution c.) Optional to Solution b, you can use the System Restore of your Operating System.

Solution d.) If you still experience problems with your computer freezing and you have already tried Solution a, b and c please send an email to: or open a Ticket.
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