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Please be aware that Latency Optimizer needs a active Internet connection to communicate with the Badosoft servers. A Firewall can block this process! Please add an exception for Latency Optimizer and Latency Optimizer Driver to your Firewall!

Latency Optimizer 4.0 is a new release and some anti-virus scanners do not know the application at this point and might treat it as a potential dangerous software. Please add an exception to your anti-virus scanner to ensure that all features of Latency Optimizer work properly!

Some security software might think that changes Latency Optimizer is doing to your system are a security threat and might block the changes. This will result in not proper functioning features, to avoid such blocking please add an exception to your security software or turn the security software temporary off till the changes Latency Optimizer needs to process are done! Please do not forget to turn on your security software afterward!

All our Software products include the Comodo Code Signing certificate!

Do not download pirate copies or cracks to avoid infection or theft!
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