Mails are not getting delivered

The common missing emails issues. Please read bellow and find a solution for you!

a) A typo.

Explanation: In most cases there is a typo in the email provided. For example instead of writing we write

Solution: Check the entered email.

b) The email is flagged as SPAM, Promotion, Junk etc.

Explanation: Sometimes the email services will mark an repetitive email which many users receive almost the same, as a SPAM and will move it to a special folder and not display it directly in your inbox.

Solution: Check all your folders in the email interface they can be named SPAM, JUNK, All Mail, etc. Also please check directly on the email service websites login because sometimes the software which you use for reading and sending your emails may be ignoring those special folders and not displaying them as available.

c) Your email settings or email service provider settings have SPAM filter strict so only the verified senders are allowed to send mails to your inbox.

Explanation: Sometime it happens that after our server sends an email to you, we get an automatic reply with a message and a link to click on to verify that we are not a robot. Unfortunately all our mails are sent from a "robot" service and we are unable to fulfill this request and keep monitoring and clicking on those kind of verifications.

Solution: Check your email settings or your email service provider FAQ for the following issue.

d) No delivery anywhere

Explanation: You have tried with a different email service provider email and still didn't get any email. Lets say firstly you have tried with your email and you didn't receive an email even following steps (a. b. c), then you try with another email and follow for the issues (a. b. c.) but still there is no email on both email services.

Solution: Please allow up to 5 minutes there may have been a delay, after that please proceed with the point (e.).

e) The email service is too strict or careless about the blacklist updates.

Explanation: Some email services require additional verifications and signatures from the sender which require a payable services from "Trusted Third Parties" or would require a payable email sending service also a third party. This is mostly used solution today but we are against those solutions for two reasons, first is that an email should be a free way of communication and second is that we want to keep our messages between us and client only not a third party servers. Other reason could be that the email service have a wrong setup or a long delay before automatically checking for the blacklist updates.

Solution: If you are sure none of the above issues (a. b. c. d.) are in place, then you should contact your email service provider and ask them why the specific email which you were expecting was blocked / rejected and never delivered to your inbox. If the issue is not resolved with your email service provider support then please let us know their response and we will help with fixing the issue.

Alternatively you should try another email service.
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