Advanced Settings in Latency Optimizer

Advanced Settings

Advanced custom settings are highly configurable to achive maximum reduction of high latency and increase internet connection performance! Normal surfing, downloading, playing online games or using online applications may need different settings to achive maximum results, therefore you can save/load your individual configuration settings at anytime to be flexible when using Latency Optimizer.

TIP:' You may experience that some of the custom settings you make work fine with some online games, and online applications which you use, but be aware that these customized settings may not work properly for other online games and applications.

latency optimizer advanced settings


1. Choose predefined settings or use your saved custom settings.

2. The settings list contains 44 items, what can be chosen by clicking the check boxes.

3. By selecting an item in the settings list, a short info is shown in the selected icon info window.

4. Info will be displayed for the selected item, mentioning if the item is currently the system default or if a modification has been applied.

5. Applies one or more selected items to your system.

6. Restore the selected item based on your system restore point.

7. Makes the selected item system default.

8. Shows how many items where selected from the settings list.

9. Applies all selected items from the settings list.

10. Restores all selected items from the settings list based on your system restore point.

11. Makes all selected items from the settings list system default.

12. Warning for using advanced settings!

! Please be aware that the Advanced Settings are for experienced users and system administrators only. Wrong configuration can cause loss of your internet connection, cause your system to reboot or freeze, and can decrease the performance of your system and internet connection.

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