Packet Monitor in Latency Optimizer

Packet Monitor

This tool lists network-related information and objects and provides you a Packet Monitor which can intercept and log traffic passing over your digital network. Packets of data travel across networks, including the Internet, home or a corporate network. If one or more of these packets fails to reach its destination, packet loss occurs. These lost or dropped packets can result in performance issues when playing online games, using online applications, surfing the web or sending/receiving data over your local network.


latency optimizer packet monitor


  1. Here you can choose the network device you would like to get information and monitor the packets sent and received.


  1. The Packet Monitor can log traffic passing over your digital network


  1. Choose the IP address of your network device to monitor received and sent packets.


  1. Let’s you start/stop the Packet Monitor, save the details or clear the results.


  1. Packet Monitor result screen.


Basic Network device information like Network name, type, speed, downloaded/uploaded data and packets received/sent.

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