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Disk Cleaner

The Disk Cleaner tool frees up space on your hard disk to improve the performance of your computer. The tool searches and identifies files/data that you can safely delete and lets you to choose whether you want to delete some or all of the identified files/data. Use the Disk Cleaner to: Remove temporary Internet files, empty the recycle bin, Remove windows temporary files, Delete optional windows components, delete unused installed programs, Remove unused restore points and shadow copies, delete downloaded program files (Microsoft ActiveX controls and Java applets).



latency optimizer disk cleaner

1.' Shows a list of available hard disk(s) and external storage(s). Mark the check box of the device you want to be cleaned.

2.' The Result Window list shows you files that can be deleted by marking a check box.

3. Shows you the analyzing progress of your hard disk(s) or external storage(s)

4. In the Overview window you can find information about the analyzing or deleting process.

5. By pressing the ANALYZE button your chosen hard disk(s) or external storage(s) will be scanned.

6. Starts the cleaning process of the marked entries in the result list.

! The disk cleaning process, depending on your hard disk size, can take from 15 min. up to 1 hour or more.

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