General Settings of Latency Optimizer

General Settings

Under the menu point SETTINGS you can add a proxy Server, choose if you want Latency Optimizer to run at Windows startup, decide if you want to get notified by system restart requests and create System Backups.

latency optimizer general settings

1. To assure the functionality of Latency Optimizer, some of the integrated Tools require an active internet connection. In the case you are using a Proxy Server, please click the ENABLE button and add your specific server address and port.

2. Mark/unmark the check box to run/not run Latency Optimizer on windows start up.

3. Some settings of the integrated Tools require a System restart. If you want to get notified, in case of a required system restart, please mark the check box. In the case you don’t want to get notified unmark it.

4. To create automatic backups of your system, Latency Optimizer gives you two (2) possibilities to choose from. Make a backup every time you start Latency Optimizer, or choose to: make a backup for every change done.

5. To create manual systems backups choose CREATE NEW. After the new system backup is created you can choose it from the backup list. To restore your system to an early time, choose a backup from the backup list and press the RESTORE button. If you decide to delete a manually made backup you will need to press the CLEAN button.

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