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There are three (3) predefined system optimization settings for fast and easy use.*

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1.) Slight - These are the minimum system optimization settings used to increase your internet connection performance for normal surfing and downloading. In some cases, these settings will be enough to even reduce latency slightly. Press the apply button and the necessary system changes will be made.

2.) Medium - These are the most common system optimization settings to archive reduction of Medium increased latency and increase your up /download speed of your internet connection. The medium system optimization is mostly used for playing online games and using resource intensive online applications. Press the apply button to make the necessary system changes.

3.) Hard - The Hard system optimization settings should only be used if you experience high latency, spike laggs and very unstable ping's. *Please do not use these setting for the purpose of normal surfing or downloading. These settings are usually used only for resolving issues with some specific online games and online applications. **

** ! Please note that some of the system changes in hard mode may cause problems with your internet connection.

* ! Please be aware that the three (3) predefined settings can have different results on some Workstations or Laptops. ! We strongly recommend creating a system restore point before using Latency Optimizer 3.0

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