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Latency Test

The latency or RTT (round-trip time) measures how quickly a small data packet can get from your workstation / laptop to a server somewhere located in the world and back. Latency is related to the distance, as well as your ISP's peering arrangements, network congestion and system configuration. Latency is further more related to your internet connection speed (up/download). Sending a packet takes time to travel from a server to the client but there is a limited number of packets that can be sent by TCP/IP data transfers before the server stops and awaits acknowledgement for already received packets in order to continue, because of that, latency can have a negative effect on transfer speed, especially with workstations or laptops which are not optimized..

latency optimizer latency test

1. The graph visually shows the response time of the ping with different packet sizes.

If you move the mouse over the dots in the graph, you can get information about the packet size sent.

2. Lists the report of your ping sent with different sized packets.

3. You can choose one of the Badsoft’s Testing Servers to run a Latency Test.

4. In the results window you can find a variety of information relating to the state of Latency like: MTU, RWIN, FCRT and FSDT *

5. By pressing the button OPTIMIZE some of your system settings will be changed to archive a better Latency.

6. Pressing the RESTORE button, your previous system settings (before you had made any optimizations) will be loaded.

7. Start's the Latency Test.

* MTU = Maximum Transmission Unit - RWIN= TCP Receive Window - FCRT = Fast Copy Receive Threshold

FSDT = Fast Send Datagram Threshold

! Before you can run the Latency Test Tool, you need to have ran the Speed Test at least once.

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