High Ping In Valorant - What Can You Do?

  • 2020.06.16 22:05
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In this post, we will talk about high ping in Valorant, a FPS game released by Riot Games, the makers of the famous League of Legends. You will learn what can cause high ping in Valorant and other games, and how you can fix the lag issues.


What Causes High Ping In Valorant?

Valorant is no different than any other game and is not immune to high ping and internet issues.
But, because this game is still new, you can experience a bit more lag in its early days, until Riot figures things out.
Considering their massive experience with League of Legends, you can expect Valorant to work fine, most of the time.

So, what causes high ping Valorant? Read on to find out.

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What Causes Zoom Call Lag And One Easy Way To Fix It

  • 2020.06.09 22:04
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The year 2020. has (unfortunately) turned so many of us to remote work.

This would be all but possible even ten years ago, as many of the tools we use today weren't available, and the whole concept of remote work wasn't that widely spread.

Although working from home can be very pleasant, there are some frequent difficulties all of us encounter, and one of them being that annoying Zoom call lag you experience when trying to set up a conference call.

This article will tell you more about why Zoom lags, and give you an easy call lag fix using our Latency Optimizer App, so stay tuned.

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The Best Solution for Maintaining a Stable Internet Connection

  • 2020.06.03 21:02
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Internet connectivity problems are some of the most frustrating issues to plague users of computers, mobile phones and tablets, and anything that connects to the worldwide web via Wi-Fi or data.

Connectivity issues have become even more of a problem now that everyone has transitioned to working and studying from home under quarantine orders.

Sluggish Broadband connections have impacted many large western metropolitans, so, with all these factors at play, you may have noticed that you’re getting kicked from servers more often or that queue waiting times have gotten longer.

To solve your internet problems both now and in the future, you need reliable software to keep you connected and functioning at top speeds. You need Connectivity Fixer.

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Fix WOW - Battle Of Azeroth Login, Lag, FPS & Latency Problems (UPDATED)

  • 2019.06.22 09:28
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UPDATED 21.07.2019   10:00


A new chapter of the epic Warcraft saga is Battle of Azeroth that offers new features, game play, story and much more. As the player base of WOW is a bit rising after a 3 years down, so do the probelms with lag, fps, ping, latency and other performance issues. To be clear on that, the issues are mostley caused by ISP (Internet Service Providers) and user side and not by Blizzards game servers.

We all know that game servers do have down times or performance issues from time to time but they are solved in few hours. The issues caused by player side are mostly permanent. Thats why we came up with a all-in-one solution in this article.

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Awsomenauts Lag - Game Settings To Improve Performance & FPS (UPDATED)

  • 2019.05.30 16:00
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UPDATED 21.07.2019   11:00

Title Awesomenauts was developed by indie video game company from Netherlands called Ronimo Games, formerly known as Banana Games. Awesomenauts is a 2D MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) that has elements from a 2D platformer games and fighting games.

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  • 2019.05.30 15:14
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UPDATED: 21.07.2019   11:30

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds a.k.a PUBG is an online multiplayer battle royale arena that was developed and published by PUBG Corporation (Bluehole). Created by Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene and evidently inspired by Japanese film "Battle Royale" in which high school students are forced to fight to death by Japanese government. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds was released on Steam via early access in 2017. In 2018 a mobile version was launched that quickly gained recognition.

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Minecraft - Best Game Settings To Improve Performance & FPS (UPDATED)

  • 2019.05.30 14:44
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UPDATED: 21.09.2019   12:00

Minecraft is probably the single-most successful indie game in history.  Originally designed by Markus "Notch" Persson and developed by the Swedish company Mojang, the game has sold something like 54 million copies across all available platforms (PC, iOS, Android, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita).  This makes it the third-best selling video game of all time, trailing only Tetris and Wii Sports.

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Counter-Strike Global Offensive Settings To Improve Performance & FPS (UPDATED)

  • 2019.05.22 17:22
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UPDATED: 21.09.2019   12:00

Probably the eSport itself started when its predecessor Counter Strike 1.6 started organizing tournaments, today, CS:GO is the most competitive first person shooter game. It was developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation in 2012. Available for PC, OS X, Xbox 306 and PlayStation 4. In every match game puts two teams to fight over single objective. Terrorists must reach the bomb side and plant the bomb, while Counter-Terrorists must defuse the bomb if planted or eliminate the opposing force.

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Dota 2 Lag - Game Settings To Improve Performance & FPS (UPDATED)

  • 2019.05.20 16:22
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UPDATED: 21.07.2019   12:30


We are pretty sure you are familiar of the term DotA. Defense of the Ancients started off as a mod in Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos designed by infamous IceFrog. Match starts with ten heroes and each player gets to control one hero, making it 5v5 until one of their ancients falls. Later on Valve decided to hire IceFrog to create Dota 2 on Source game engine. it was officially released on Steam platform in 2013. Dota 2 has a huge eSport scene, in fact, the biggest there is. The International 2018 prize pool was 25 million dollars and it was won by OG.

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Rocket League Lag, Ping, FPS Performance Fix (UPDATED)

  • 2019.05.16 19:38
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Action packed and fast-paced gameplay with stunning visual effects, Rocket League shines a new light on the world of gaming. Developed and published by Psyonix in July 2015 on PC and Play Station 4 then on Xbox, MAC , Linux and Nintendo Switch later on. With the budget just under 2 million dollars the official development started in 2013.

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AirMech Lag - Game Settings To Increase Performance & FPS (UPDATED)

  • 2019.05.15 17:48
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UPDATED: 21.07.2019   13:00

AirMech Strike is a player versus player version of the AirMech universe developed by indie game company Carbon Games lead by James Green. Game was originally inspired by famous Sega Mega Drive game called Herzog Zwei.

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Path Of Exile Lag & Performance Fix Guide (UPDATED)

  • 2019.05.09 13:29
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UPDATED: 21.09.2019   14:00

Path of Exile really takes it out of you when it comes to planning and strategizing. Developed and published by Grinding Gear Games in 2013. Since the launch, lead developer Chris Wilson and his team have been working hard on the game to make it what it is today, a true masterpiece for anyone who played Diablo 2, which the game itself was inspired by. It is available on PC, Play Station 4 and Xbox One.

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Apex Legends Lag and Performance Fix Guide (UPDATED)

  • 2019.05.04 09:34
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UPDATED: 21.09.2019   14:00

Apex Legends is a new futuristic battleroyale game that’s breaking the playtime records up to date. It is developed by Respawn Entertainment, the same company that made the great Titanfall franchise. Without any prior announcement Electronic Arts published a free to play battleroyale that caught interest of countless players worldwide. But as any other game, it is bound to encounter performance issues, considering the vast amount of requests hitting their servers on early release date. Here you can find a complete guide on how to optimize the game to your satisfaction.

Apex Legends Seasson 2 has been launched. Check it out here!

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Overwatch Lag Fix Guide (UPDATED)

  • 2018.04.13 10:16
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UPDATED: 21.09.2019   15:00

Overwatch is the newest baddest kid in the Fps world and it is revolutionizing what Fps games are like.

The whole Hero Shooter is amazing but like many other games this one has many performance issues… It is actually one of the most problematic games I have talked about so far, so lets get started.

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I SOLVED My WOW Lag, Latency And Ping Problems (UPDATED)

  • 2018.04.12 12:47
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UPDATED: 22.09.2019   13:00


World of Warcraft is one of the best if not the best MMO RPG that has ever been made, I have spent countless hours in this game and I have enjoyed every bit of it.

So considering we already pay a subscription fee, we expect top quality connectivity, almost 24/7 server uptimes and quality content right?

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