How to fix 404 Not Found Error? (UPDATED)

UPDATED 07.07.2019   17:00

You must have come across the web browser Error 404 at least once in your life. There are different ways in which the Error 404 is shown. They are as follows: 404 Error, 404 Not Found, Error 404, HTTP 404, Error 404 Not Found, 404 File or Directory Not Found, HTTP 404 File Not Found, 404 Page Not Found. There are also some other client side errors like the error 404 as well; e.g. 400 Bad Request, 401 Unauthorized, 403 Forbidden etc.

This error message can appear irrespective of what browser or operating system you are using. The error message can be viewed on the window of the Internet browser window; just like the other WebPages you open.

The first thing that you can do is retry loading the page again

You can click on the refresh or the reload button. If that doesn't work, you can go to the address bar and try the URL again. Refreshing often solves the problem and shows you the webpage you are trying to find. Typing the wrong URL is also a very common reason leading to the error 404 message. Check the URL you entered and correct if you made some mistake. If the error is shown due to high web traffic; you can try logging in later.

Chances are that you will be able to view the page you were looking for. Error 404 problem can be solved If the 404 Error, 404 Not Found, Error 404, HTTP 404, Error 404 Not Found, 404 File or Directory Not Found, HTTP 404 File Not Found, 404 Page Not Foundâ messages still appear what means the error cannot be solved with the above mentioned suggestions, it is very likely that your Operating System, IP, TCP, Winsock, DNS or other important settings for your Internet connection are misconfigured or corrupted.

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Couple of things you can try yourself in-case if the problem is easily fixable:

• First, check for the errors in the URL (wrong name, misplaced "/", suffix, prefix etc..)

• Try searching for the same page on a different search engine.

• Refresh the same webpage by tapping F5 or retype the same URL again. Internal server errors like these are common.

There are many reasons what could have caused this 404 error messages

Statistics show that virus, Trojan, spyware, adware, malware and root kit infections are on the top of the list . It is recommended to immediately make a deep system scan. The problem in the case of an infection is, that the infected files can be cured and ports might be cleaned but in many cases the problem of receiving these error messages while surfing will persist!

To solve such issues Connectivity Fixer is the tool you should look for to download!


If the misconfigurations, manipulations or corruptions are too deep in your Operating System and Network settings then Connectivity Fixer PRO is the right choice!

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