AD2460 Lag Fix And Performance Boosts (UPDATED)

UPDATED: 29.07.2019   18:00

Fixing lag and performance problems of AD2460 browser based massively multiplayer online science fiction strategy game.

AD2460 is a FREE strategy MMO where you fight with others over the resources in the galaxy. You take control of your own homeworld and work to develop its technologies, facilities and military power in order to secure raw materials to improve your might in the universe. Along the way you will need to work together with other players in order to better protect your interests and grow.

AD2460 performance, stuttering lag and delays fix


As by every browser based game your internet connection and the performance of your web browser matters! As special if you are playing MMOs like AD2460 where tens of thousands of players are sending and receiving data packages from their computer over the the internet to the game server and back. It is in the nature of online games to suffer now and than from performance and lag problems.

But as said now and than not on a daily base or almost always!

If you you experience performance loss, stuttering lag or delay in AD2460 we brought together some steps you can take to improve your web browses or games performance.


Your Computer

Basically Hardware such us:




- Graphics card

- Network adapter

can cause lag and performance problems if they are malfunctioning or running outdated drivers.



In some cases:

- Virus infections

- Corrupted system processes

- Not properly configured system settings

- 3rd party software

can cause performance and lag problems as well.

Your Internet Connection

Common problems like:

- Poor signals
- Weak lines
- Technical problems at your ISP

influence a lot when it comes to performance and lag problems.

Furthermore does the:

- Internet connection settings of your operating system

- And your computer´s latency


Your Web Browser

By AD2460 your web browser acts as the game client. Playing games in a web browser might be convince but brings a lot of problems with it.

- Different web browsers have different advantages and disadvantages

- Web browsers using only 1 port to communicate with the game server usually port 80

- Web browsers performance heavily depends on the right made settings

- Web browsers are known to be vulnerably to lag spikes

- Web browsers can be easy infected with BHO's or other nasty redirection

- Web browsers settings can be easily corrupted by malware

- Web browsers shared system resources are rather flat than focused when it comes to playing a game

- Web browser updates mostly address security and usability and not performance

What you can do to increase the performance of AD2460 and fix lag


1. We recommend using Google Chrome to play AD2460 as its performance outranks the other browsers.

2.Download Latency Optimizer to assist you with the following steps.

3. Run a Speed & Ping Test to verify that your internet connection is working properly.

4. Contact your ISP if you get poor speed test and ping test results over a period of 2 - 3 days. Send your saved speed & ping test results as proof.

5. Tweak and tune your operating system and internet connection settings to get the most out of their performance.

6. Clear your browsers temp files and cache regularly.

7. Disable not needed auto-start programs that consume internet bandwidth.

8. Stop all background downloads

9. Avoid having 2 ore more different web browsers open in same time. (Example: Firefox and IE opened together causing heavy performance loss on IE side)

10. If nothing helps you can run the Performance Recorder integrated in Latency Optimizer 4.0 and record your AD2460 game play. Read carefully trough the log file and search for clues.

AD2460 video


AD2460 Lag Fix Software


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