AirMech Lag - Game Settings To Increase Performance & FPS (UPDATED)

UPDATED: 21.07.2019   13:00

AirMech Strike is a player versus player version of the AirMech universe developed by indie game company Carbon Games lead by James Green. Game was originally inspired by famous Sega Mega Drive game called Herzog Zwei.


AirMech: Strike Performance Optimization

It was released on Steam in late 2012, but fully released last year under the name AirMech: Strike. AirMech is an RTS / Transformer type of game that puts the player in a fast paced action. Popularized by competitive community and streamers in 2014/2015, AirMech quickly grew into a successful indie game, now available on all platforms such as Steam, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and even VR! Greatly improved over the years AirMech gained its reputation as a community eSport game featured on YouTube and Twitch. Huge community support and developer cooperation made the game an amazing community to be a part of.

Gameplay is a very interesting concept unlike any other, high skill cap and long overall practice is required to prove yourself in a field of battle. Units, Pilots, Parts and Items are a few of many things you can modify to assemble your in-game loadout. AirMech is a so called plane a player controls to fight other players and units on the field, hence the creative name the game has.

Quality Performance Optimization

Although Airmech is not a demanding game, some budged computers struggle to achieve a playable game. Our gentle team on Badosoft will guide you through the process of optimizing your AirMech experience. Here is what you can modify:

Before we start, if you are struggling with following written guides, then we have prepared a quick and easy video guide for you!

After the login screen, you will be put into main user interface, with many options to go around.

At the upper left corner, you will notice an AirMech logo, click on it to open an options menu, select Settings then go to Options, now click on Video.

First and most impacting option the optimize is your screen Resolution. If you are looking for maximum quality, then select the one tagged with (native).

Under resolution you will notice Graphics Quality. This is an option that controls your overall in-game texture detail quality.

Reducing it gives your central processing unit less strain, which means more frame rate per second.


Anti-Aliasing makes the rough edges of in-game objects blend in with the background environment making them appear more realistic to the eye. AirMech gives you an option to select how powerful you want your Anti Aliasing to be (x2, x4, x8, x16 or None). Test it out and select the one which gives your CPU optimum performance.

Destruction Detail is a simple, yet effective option that enables you to select how much detail you want to go in explosions and such.

Run Full Screen enables you to select if you want AirMech to boot up in full screen or windowed mode. Games in Fullscreen have better Performance, just because the explorer.exe of Windows can take a break. In Window mode, it has to render the game and everything else you have open.

Glow Post Process is a simple Post Processing effect every game has, although it does impact performance most of the players like it turned off. But if you prefer better visual quality over performance, it is your call!

Decal Marks are marks such as bullet holes, explosion marks and any other, in most cases temporary effect, caused by players in a match. Very helpful in finding your way in a match, but if you are running a budget build, then we suggest to turn it off.

Camera Shake & Blur is an option that most of the AirMech players prefer to have it turned off, just because of the inability to focus properly in a player versus player match due to constant shaking.

All of these options are visually presented in our youtube video guide. Take a look if you want to better understand the concept.


AirMech Network and Lag Fix Guide

AirMech had a fair share of server and client problems in the past, although most of them are resolved, some still prevail. AirMech used to have a big problem with DeSyncing, which is a common problem that happens when a client and a server cannot establish a proper connection, so the game freezes or kicks you in the main menu.

To prevent that from happening we highly recommend you to obtain Latency Optimizer 4 to help you. A very fast and powerful network software that helps you clear out and optimize the problems located on your grid.

We have you found our guide helpful and informative, good luck climbing the leaderboard!


Get help by analyzing and fixing AirMech Lag

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