Albion Online Lag Fix (UPDATED)

UPDATED: 23.07.2019   17:00

Albion Online is for sure a highlight under the MMORPG releases this year! The game looks overall stunning and innovative but the massive reports about lag problems seems to be a fun killer for the players. Lets take a close look on why there is lag in Albion Online and what you can do to fix it.

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Albion Online Lag Problems And How To Fix Them

Usually there would be nothing special about players reporting lag problems at the game release date and few days after! All MMORPG games do suffer from lag problems the day or the other. Players usually experience such lag problems globally when the game server is temporary affected by high latency. Lower amounts of reported lag problems are usually caused at players Computer or Internet Service Provider.

But what if such lag problems seems to affect the majority of players?

What if such lag problems are reported over a longer period of time?

To answer this questions we must first understand the reasons causing lag in Albion Online!


Why There Is Lag In Albion Online?

Before we get into it, make sure you are updated with the latest news and changes regarding Albion online, if you are thinking about getting back into the game.

As already said its quite normal if player report lag, disconnections, login problems and such at the game release day and few days after but this are usually only temporary problems! One of Albion Online major lag problem is for sure the master server concept!!!

There will be always problems for player that connect from a distance far away from the game server and due distance latency increases and there is no solution available to overcome the distance latency, even if some gaming services claim different. Players must understand that they are always connected to their local Internet Service Provider on first place!!! All the routing done after is still affected on the stability and distance of your local Internet Service Provider! There is no help to overcome such problem.

Player need to live with it or sign up for a game server more close to their location, but this option seems to be not available in Albion Online for real as there is the master server concept.

There are many reasons that can cause lag that seems permanent even long after the game release phase:

1. Players Computer does not meet the System Requirements.

2. Bad performing Internet connection.

3. CPU & RAM problems on players Computer.

4. Old or malfunctioning graphics, audio or network card drivers.

5. Various Hardware issues like malfunctions, temperature problems and so on.

6. Game server temporary affected form high latency.

7. Wrongly configured internet connection settings, system processes and services.

8. Virus or malware infections

9. And many other minor reasons


How To Fix Albion Online Lag?

Beside game server high latency and suffering from master server concept where no solution to fix the lag is available there are some steps Albion Online player can make to reduce latency and fix lag problems.

1. Ensure your Computer meets the minimum System Requirements

2. Create individual profile in your graphics card settings manager if available to get the best performance out of it.

3. Avoid playing on highest or maximum graphics settings if you experience FPS drop or graphics lag.

4. Boost your System Memory and set CPU priorities to increase FPS and reduce in-game lag via the help of Latency Optimizer.

5. Tweak and tune your operating system and internet connection settings with the available tools in Latency Optimizer.

6. Monitor and test your Internet connection and ping regularly to track down lag problems that might be caused by your ISP.

7. Diagnose your game play with the Performance Recorder integrated in Latency Optimizer and take a carefully look on the log file!

Albion Lag Fix for Android


1. Restart your device (min. 1x per week) to reset DNS, IP and cache files.

2. Apply battery optimization settings on Albion app.

3. Clear caches, junk and temp data from your device.

4. Check your GSM or Wifi signal.

5. Re-install Albion app.


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