Anonymous Web Browser - Fully hide your identity whilst surfing?

One of the necessary steps to hide your identity while surfing the web is using an anonymous web browser. Anonymous browsing, according to Wikipedia, is browsing the web while hiding the user's IP address and any other personally identifiable information from websites that one is visiting.

Different approaches are used to power anonymous browsing with the most common being the use of proxies or TOR (The Onion Router) enabled browsers.

Anonymous web browser

Do Browsers have the Native Capability of Working as Anonymous Browsers?

Regardless of what browser you use every time you access the web, you always have some power to wipe of traces of what you did hence retaining some amount of anonymity. Some web browsers like Firefox, Opera Mini and Chrome have a private browsing mode (see how to activate it here) that deletes all your browsing history, cookies, cache and browsing sessions, but whats with the other data that are collected?

Even though these native browser settings are enough to take care of people who try to fish out your online escapades from your machine after your are gone, we can never be sure what will happen with the data stored about your usage!


Taking Control of your Online Activities with Specialized Anonymous Browsers

This latter group of advanced intrusion needs the services of anonymous browsers that incorporate both the powers of native browsers with other anonymous browsing approaches like VPN implementations and IP hiding approaches. With the anonymous browser included in Privacy Optimizer, you can surf the web in a safe cocoon without baring your private data to the world. All the information sent and received by the browser are not stored or collected by the browser itself.

However as some Websites or web services do collect data, we suggest to route through some IP scrambling or even a proxy server. Users have the option of disconnecting their personal identity from the data they transact every now and then.


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Why on earth would you need an anonymous browser if you are not up to any mischief??

Well, there are many legal reasons as to why you would want to keep your online presence anonymous (read of the most common reasons here). As the number of delicate online financial transactions goes up, so does the need to come up with solutions that make it harder for hackers and other cyber criminals to get the data they need to mitigate their attacks. Sometimes even popular websites or web services do collect data about YOU! Is this legal? In most of the cases Yes, as you agreed on their privacy policy!

As a matter of fact, some laws allow internet users to secure their online privacy and go on with their business without any external intrusion (The Bill of Rights and UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights). This gives you all the reasons you can ever need to look for an anonymous browser and go on with your online transactions without the fear of prosecution by the virtue of hiding your identity.

Will the anonymous browsers give you all the privacy you need and what can you do to make it better?

The Anonymous browser included in Privacy Optimizer used as a tool that leverage different TCP/IP layers to give users some measure of privacy while browsing the net. It is however important to point out the fact that the protection they give is never fool proof and can be reversed, either through brute force or through legislation. But users can be more relaxed as no data about your behavior are collected or stored by the anonymous browser itself! This means that even though you might have some amount of protection, it can never be 100% guaranteed.

The Anonymous browser has to be coupled with other anonymous browsing tricks to ensure that not only are cookies, history and transmitted data deleted after use but ensure that they are also encoded while in transit. This takes anonymous browsing beyond the level of just detaching transmitted data from the transmitter to another level of ensuring that not just any other hacker can intercept and make head or tail of the information contained in the intercepted packets.


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