Awsomenauts Lag - Game Settings To Improve Performance & FPS (UPDATED)

UPDATED 21.07.2019   11:00

Title Awesomenauts was developed by indie video game company from Netherlands called Ronimo Games, formerly known as Banana Games. Awesomenauts is a 2D MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) that has elements from a 2D platformer games and fighting games.


Awesomenauts The Game

Awesomenauts is  free to play since May 24th! Going free-to-play has always made sense for Awesomenauts, as more players simply means it's a better game for everyone.

Match starts with pick phase, where every player gets to pick a controllable character called Awesomenauts. The game's primary mode is two teams pitted against each other in a 3v3, where the main goal is to destroy the enemy's solar collector. Each character is unique in design, voice and its abilities.

As the player earns Solar, which is an in-game currency, they can return to their base (either by moving there or through a short teleportation sequence) to heal and spend the Solar on various upgrades to these skill sets or character attributes. For each of four areas - the two special skills, the regular attack, and general attributes - the player can buy up to three of six available improvements, with some improvements which can be bought multiple times with benefits stacked.

Awesomenauts had a small Esport spotlight in 2016 and 2017 called Awesomenauts Rumble. Rumble was a tournament organization focused on Awesomenauts that strives to make fun events that people of any region and skill level can enjoy. Unfortunately, they have retired.

Although, there are sometimes mini weekend tournaments streamed on Twitch. Most of the news can be found on Ronimo Games official twitter account. Some of their developers sometimes stream the gameplay and upload the recordings on Youtube as they like to call it "Streamisho".


Video Options Guide

To get to the Options menu and optimize, go to the upper left corner of the screen and click on the three horizontal lines, select Settings, then go to Graphics tab.

Resolution - A computer screen uses millions of pixels to display images. These pixels are arranged in a grid horizontally and vertically. The number of pixels horizontally and vertically is shown as the screen resolution.

If you are having problems with adjusting screen resolution in Awesomenauts there is an option called "Run screen adjustment" at the bottom of the Graphics tab. Use this option to rescale the image to fit the screen.

Display Mode - Borderless windowed mode is an elegant solution. It runs the game in a window (with a small performance hit), but slims that window down to about a pixel width on all size.

Fullscreen is any object or window that occupies the whole computer screen, covering up anything in the background. When a window is not fullscreen, it is known as a window.

Graphics mode - is a computer display mode that generates image using pixels. DirectX and OpenGL are competing application programming interfaces (APIs) which can be used in applications to render 2D and 3D computer graphics.

• "From an Awesomenauts perspective: they look the exact same and are very close in performance. The game hasn't been optimized for one or the other so in practice it varies which is faster, but the difference is really small anyway. On some rare wonky videocard drivers one might be much better than the other, but again it varies which."
• "The reason we have them both is that some videocard drivers have problems with one or the other. There was in particular one line of laptops that couldn't do OpenGL at all, so we added DirectX so those players could start the game at all." - Quotes from Awesomenauts developer Joost

Texture Quality - This options lets you select how many details go into texture models, which means if there are more pixels there is more texture to render.

Background Quality - This option is very well described in-game. Basically, since Awesomenauts is actually a 3D game that is made to look like 2D, it has an animated background. When set to low it will lack animations and appear as a still image with low quality blur.

Multithreading Mode - Multithreading means that some, if not all, processes are distributed across multiple processors. Say for example: I have a Quad-core processor (4 CPUs in 1), without multithreading the entire task is given to 1 of these, and the other 3 can deal with different tasks. Multithreading allows all 4 to be given the game to "process".

In general, if you only have a single-core processor, this setting is meaningless; but if not then multithreading allows the game to run more smoothly, however this can also be the source of some instability, so it's advised to disable it when testing such issues as crashes.

There are two available options in Aweomenauts:

• Higher framerate (Quality based)
Low input lag (performance).

Color blind mode - Nothing major, just changes the health bar colors.

Vertical Sync - Activates vertical synchronization, which is an option made to reduce screen tear and lag, at the cost of frame rate, at budget machines this option should be turned off since it significantly reduces performance. Vsync forces the framerate to go as close to your monitor's refresh rate as possible

Advanced Effects - Some minor effects that boost the looks in-game.

Sharpen - This option makes the image clearer hardly costing you any performance.

Supersampling - is a spatial anti-aliasing method, i.e. a method used to remove aliasing (jagged and pixelated edges, colloquially known as "jaggies") from images rendered in computer games or other computer programs that generate imagery.


Awesomenauts Network Guide


Awesomenauts networking is peer-to-peer based. Configuring your network correctly results in a higher chance of establishing direct connections with other players, more stable connections, lower latencies and also a lower chance of connection errors.

Latency lag used to be a very big problem in Awesomenauts, many players complained about server instability and constant matchmaking lag. Luckily, those issues have been resolved, but very large number of community members stopped playing.

If you are still having connectivity problems, that just might be your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or your home network having bandwidth problems.

We suggest you try optimizing your network and performance with Latency Optimizer 4

Good luck with climbing the Awesomenauts competitive ladder. See you at the top!

This tool can help you skip a couple of the steps I talked about here and has some other nice features that can further increase your pc’s performance.

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