How to fix Battlefield and Battlefield Play4Free lag? (UPDATED)

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While talking in this post about Battlefield lag, we will focus on the major lag reasons in the BF3 multiplayer modes and Battlefield Play4free. Presuming that a lagging Battlefield player's computer meets the system requirements of Battlefield 3, the lag or high latency will mainly be caused from the game server, ISP or on the player's end (YOUR computer).

When it comes to transfer or synchronization of data packages from the player's computer through the router or modem to the line or signal of the ISP, who is forwarding those to the Battlefield 3 game server and back, high latency happens if packages are delivered or transferred too slowly or packages get lost.

Why Battlefield 3 lags?

A result of high latency is commonly called game lag. Various actions or movements in the game are stopped or slowed. In some cases, the game can freeze for a second or two and in heavy cases a player might even get disconnected from Battlefield 3.

Note that the developers of Battlefield 3 do a very good job and they put much effort in new technologies but unfortunately, they cannot solve issues caused by ISPs or the player's end (computer).

The goal for every BF3 multiplayer mode player who lags is surely to reduce the lag as much as technically possible. Some might think that an ultra-fast internet connection might cause BF3 to perform faster and be lag free, but a fast internet connection doesn't necessarily mean that there won't be lag.

Surely, if all other possible causes are not causing the lag, a faster internet connection might bring some reduction. But unfortunately in most of the Battlefield 3 multiplayer lag situations, there are more factors that cause the high latency.

Battelfield 3  lag article

Player's computer causes Battlefield 3 lag:

BF3 alert icon - Misconfigured internet connection settings.
BF3 alert icon - Corrupted system settings.
BF3 alert icon - Malfunctioning system processes.
BF3 alert icon - Slow performing computer because of the lack of periodically made system maintenance.
BF3 alert icon - Wrong or missing registry settings.
BF3 alert icon - Virus, spyware, Trojan, rootkit or other malware infections.
BF3 alert icon - Third-party applications unnecessarily interfering with the TCP/IP protocol.
BF3 alert icon - Third-party applications consuming too much system memory.
BF3 alert icon - System memory is generally too low even if the amount of hardware RAM is sufficient.
BF3 alert icon - Wirelesses internet connection signals are too weak and are causing lag spikes.
BF3 alert icon - LAN or Wireless card / adapter settings are wrong, misconfigured or corrupted.
BF3 alert icon - MORE (please read: for more detailed information)

Battelfield 3  lag article

Game server causes Battlefield 3 lag:

bf3 icon lag cause - High load at game server (temporary lag)
bf3 icon lag cause - Game server maintenance (temporary lag)
bf3 icon lag cause - Slow internet gateway used by the datacenter
bf3 icon lag cause - Misconfiguration of the game server (rarely happening)
bf3 icon lag cause - DDos attack on the game server (rarely happening)

Internet Service Provider causes Battlefield 3 lag:

bf3 icon lag cause - Oversold bandwidth
bf3 icon lag cause - Bandwidth problems in rush hours
bf3 icon lag cause - Low signals or weak lines provided by the ISP (mostly in country areas)
bf3 icon lag cause - Restrictions in the router/modem
bf3 icon lag cause - Temporary maintenance work
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How to fix Battlefield lag caused from user Computer?

- Download Latency Optimizer 4.0 which will assist you with fixing Battlefield 3 lag

- Install a proper anti-virus scanner

- Troubleshoot your internet connection with Speedtest4free and Connectivity Fixer.


How to fix Battlefield lag caused by the game server?

- Unfortunately, you cannot do much except to watch your end as in some cases the game server just lags for you as your computer/system causes the lag. An example could be a table tennis match where an inexperienced player plays with a professional. After some time of failing to return the ball, the professional player might stop playing with you.

- Report BF3 lag to the Battlefield 3 support

Tune & tweak your internet connection with Latency Optimizer 4.0 to ensure that your end is issue free when it comes to synchronization.

- Be patient!

How to fix Battlefield lag caused from Internet Service Provider?

- Send a support ticket and explain the issue

- Look periodically for maintenance announcements on the ISP website

- Troubleshoot your internet connection speed. Test the upload and download speed, test the ping, test the latency and send a full report to ISP if you notice that something isn't right. This is a good base to get attention as you dealing with facts. (You can use Latency Optimizer and Speedtest4free to save and compare speed and ping test results. Latency Optimizer 4.0 will also allow you to do a latency test).

Ask your ISP if he can advise you on some router/modem tweaks or port-forward your connection. Port-forwarding has a slight chance to solve lag issues.

- Change your ISP if the issues are clearly caused on his end and no steps are taken to improve your internet connection.

Latency Optimizer 4.0 can assist you to fix Battlefield 3 and Battlefield Play4free lag!

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